Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The lovely call light system we have

Our call light system is horrible. They have been telling us for years that we will be getting a new one. Even had several vendors in for us to help pick a new one. But here we are still stuck with this stinking executone.

Almost every shift I work it goes off for service. And when I say it goes off I mean it beeps incessantly. Did I say incessantly? INCESSANTLY. We beep engineering and they say they are working on it and an hour later guess what......................IT'S STILL BEEPING. AHHHHHHHH.

I have little tolerance for noises (surprising that I would work in a critical care unit with monitors huh!!) and tonite we were very busy and sure enough beep, Beep, BEep, BEEp, BEEP goes the executone.

I THINK I MAY GO HOMICIDAL SOON..................or at the very least to the insane asylum.

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Sader said...

At least you don't have tracking devices...yet. You can thank Hill Rom if they bring them to you..speaking of which I think the battery is dying in mine.

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