Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Do you ever get those patients or families that just won't leave you or your unit alone after they go?  We had one recently.  I'm all for patients & families telling us that we did a good job and saying thanks.......heck it makes me feel good when MY name specifically is on the card.

We had this patient recently that I'll call Harry.  He originally came in with cellulitis of his leg.  But being obese, diabetic and waiting a few too many days to come in didn't fare well for him.  Within 2-3 days of admission he was in full blown septic shock.....intubated and on 3 pressors.  It was touch and go for at least a week with him.  

He had a lovely wife we initially thought, though somewhat strange.  Then we found out why.  She is a born again Christian.  Now, don't anyone take offense here.  I'm a practicing Episcopal and go to church as often as my working schedule allows.  My kids just finished another year of Sunday School.  We say our prayers, repent, fast at Lent, and recite the Nicene Creed.  We are a God loving family.  I have even been known to share scripture on friend's caringbridge sites that are for their chronically sick children.

Now that we've gotten that straight let's get back to Harry's wife.   She would stay at his bedside all day which was wonderful for him.  But then she would go home and immediately call and ask us to pray WITH her for him.  Instead we would put the phone up to his ear and she seriously would pray for hours (2-3) over the phone to him from home.  We went about our nursing duties while she did this.

Long story short.......after many antibiotics and a trach Harry pulled through and got to go home.  I AM sure that the prayer had some role in it.  However, now she calls on a weekly basis to talk to her favorite nurses.  She weekly sends her favorite nurses and docs prayer books etc.  She just cannot shove Jesus far enough into your face.  I always thought religion was kind of like politics and that you were supposed to keep it to yourself or at least find out if the other person wants to talk about your views.

Her most recent mailing was for this Christian camp/retreat that she would like her favorite 3 to go to with her and Harry.  She's even willing to pay their way if they will come and keep an eye on him while they are there!!  Yikes woman, let it go!!

My daughter will be having major surgery in a little under a month.  I'm just starting to wonder what I should do for the nurses to thank them.  Hmmmmmm..........maybe some cookies, chocolates, or just a nice thank you note with the names of the ones who took care of her.  What do you guys think?

Being the good Episcopal that I am though, I will be saying a prayer for her before the surgery starts.


Carla said...

That woman is strange, but I wouldnt say it is because she is a born-again Christian....I am a born-again Christian and no one at my church is that weird. It sounds like that lady has some issues that go past her non-denominational faith!

Tracey said...

That is why the please don't be offended part is in there Carla. I didn't in any way mean that all born-again Christians are like this. Many (like you who I know well) are not like this but you do have to admit that many are also like her.

Or maybe it's an East coast thing. We find it all the time.

Jaime said...

I understand being a good Episcopalian, we are just sooo alike!! I think a wonderful thank you note will make her nurses very happy. My mom always brings baked goods to the nurses when Ian is in and that also is a nice touch. It is a bit too much what the patients wife is doing. I think growing up in the Episcopal church we are not as comfortable with that and do treat religion like politics. There are times that I envy peoples evangalism and other times that I am incredibly turned off by it, kwim.

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