Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My first month

I've just about finished my first month in my new job as a MET/resource nurse.  I really love my new job!!  It's great for someone who is social and loves action.

The first two weeks were fairly mellow but now that staff knows we are here (I work three 12 hour night shifts and my partner works four 10 hour night shifts) we are being called upon much more often.

My first week started with a bang in that I transferred two patients to my old floor (CCU) on my first night!  But then the second night I had not one page!!  Then the third night I helped in the ED with a code on a 40 yo that we pulled through who died a few days later in the ICU.  In my down time (which there was a lot of this week) I mentored the new GNs and introduced myself and my position to the staff.

My second week started out with 4 Code Mr. Greens (extremely agitated patient) in the same 12 hour shift!!  Not my cup of tea!  But then had a trauma code, several METs and a BAT (stroke).  

The last two weeks things have really picked up and I have had quite a few more METs and just clinical calls in general.  The hospitalists are getting to know my partner and I better and are giving us more leeway in judgment calls which is nice.  The staff is excited to have us around and the ADNs are glad to have another set of hands in the hospital to help them too.

All in all the position is working out great!  I'm quite happy with it so far. :0)


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Kim said...

Hi Tracey - the job sounds like fun! Feast or famine - a lot like the ER!

I have to laugh, all of a sudden, I hear Evanescence and I know I didn't have iTunes on!

Took me a minute to find the source!
: D

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Great post. I have enjoyed reading your blog posts and I am glad your enjoying your new nursing job

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