Wednesday, March 4, 2009


The other morning I head to the ER and they ask me if I had heard about the PCI that is coming in.  Knowing that it is my job to open the cath lab when a PCI arrives, I ask what they are talking about.  Apparently, they got an EMS patch that they were responding to a chest pain call and when they got there and did the initial EKG it was for a man that was actively having an anterior MI. It looked like a pretty big one by the EKG they had faxed over....with tombstones and recriprocal changes.   

We had just gotten slightly over a foot of snow within the last day that had just ended in the last several hours.  When the EMS got the guy into the ambulance and started for the hospital it got stuck in the snow!!

From what I hear it was approximately 30 min that they were stuck in the snow before finally digging themselves out.  We aren't sure why they didn't just dispatch another ambulance since the poor guy was actively infarcting his heart the entire time.  They were finally pulling into the ER bay as I was leaving for the day so unfortunately I'm not sure how he made out.  Maybe a future update.........................

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