Thursday, May 7, 2009

And I thought we had it bad

As a nurse I've seen a lot of gross and awful things.  I thought that my job was pretty near the top of the list of seeing bad things.  However, this night I think someone else got the worst of it.


I went down to the ER and heard some serious screaming.  Asking what was going on I heard quite the story.  Apparently in the behavioral hall there was a patient that was an older woman in her 70's that was psychotic.  According to hear daughters this was new for her.  She had always been a bit eccentric but never like this before.  Now, for the last week, she was paranoid and hallucinating.  They had a whole list of things written down that she had been saying and supposedly seeing.


The worst of it however, was what she did to the police that were called to pick her up.  When they came and knocked on her door she freaked out and greeted them by throwing a severed kitten head at them.  Yes, a kitten head.  Can you just imagine being that police officer?  And having that happen to you? 


I actually felt bad for 3 souls that night:  1) the kitten, 2) the police officer and 3) the woman. 


I never did get the chance to find out what made her acutely psychotic either.  I would have liked to have known.  They were questioning a UTI.....but seriously.......a UTI that makes you decapitate your own kitten?  She did have other issues too.  She apparently had many, many cats and didn't take the greatest care of herself, them or the house.  All around a sad, sad story.


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Its great to have you back writing! What a sad and sick situation, how awful for all involved. I hope they get her some help.

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