Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Code 8 where?????


    Not too long ago we had a person (that wasn't a patient or employee) however was in the hospital building try and hurt themself.  In the process of doing this he set off a smoke alarm.  When a security guard and the nursing supervisor went to check the status of the alarm this person was found.  The injuries were not life threatening but he was badly injured at the same time so to get the right people there for immediate help it was decided to call a Code 8 which is our hospital's Code Blue response.  This is what was heard overhead:


Code 8 Morgue, Code 8 Morgue, Code 8 Morgue


What?????  No, the person wasn't acutally in the morgue but just outside so security and the nursing super figured it would be the easiest landmark to call the team to.  But can you just imagine????


Suzanne said...

That is too funny. I guess what you were thinking. "What genius pronounced that one?"

Charley said...

This is gorgeous!

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