Friday, June 27, 2008

Change of shift

I'm in my first change of shift!!! I wanted to thank Braden for inviting me to participate and for using my story.

When I first started blogging I had no idea that it was such a social network. In the few months that I have been blogging I have had a great time reading other's blogs and getting a sense of what it is like out there for other nurses. I have also enjoyed writing down some of my cherished memories and also getting some stress off my chest!! It has been good for me. I'm looking forward to continuing on and I want to thank everyone that has read my blog and especially to those that have commented to me.

Check out the latest edition of change of shift here. And be sure to click on my story!!

I also wanted to welcome Kaitlyn (AKA Katie) from this post on my blog to the blogging world. She did a beautiful first post on how she feels about the start of her career and I'm so glad she took my advice and started a blog of her own. I only wish I had started one at the beginning of my career so that I would have all the memories that she will end up with written down.
So, WELCOME Kaitlyn!!

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