Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Our morning view

There are various reasons I work the night shift most of which I won't get into now but I did want to share this reason. I brought my camera to work a few nights in a row as we marvel at the sunrise each morning. For years I have said that I want to get a picture of it so finally I did. Of course, pictures just don't do it justice but here is our view each morning. I took it a couple of different mornings as it looks so different each day. We overlook a river from my side of the hospital and it is just so pretty each morning. These are taken through the window of a patient room.

The river looks pretty neat with all the lights shining off it each night too. A coworker and I went to the top level of the parking garage and took this:

Like I said, the pictures just don't do it justice but seeing the sun rise each morning that I'm here is a pretty cool thing!!

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