Friday, July 18, 2008

The other side of the bed part 2

For those that were going to follow my other blog on my daughter's surgery sorry you ended up finding nothing.  I attempted to post onto it while I was gone but the children's hospital that we were in had a filter on their wifi blocking "social networking" sites.  So, I attempted to post onto it using google docs but it would only post onto this blog for me.  Despite me changing it to post onto that one it would still only post onto this one.  Grrr!!

Anyway, all went well with her.  And it was actually easy to be a parent instead of the nurse!!  Much easier than I thought it would be.  Possibly that was because everything went so well though!!  I had imagined it would be a rough few days since they were doing surgery on her throat but instead it was a breeze.  The worst part was the 24 hours she was in the PICU and confined to the bed and bored!!!  Boy did she want up and boy was my back sore from holding her so much!!!

I imagine if things had not gone so well it would have been much harder to stay out of the nurses' way.  About the only thing I did that a "normal" parent wouldn't do was hit the silence button on the IV pump when she was asleep so that it wouldn't wake her!!  I didn't think that was too much overstepping bounds though.  My Mom did ask me once if I was being "nice to the nurses" and "staying out of their way"?  Of course, I asked her whatever did she mean???  and she quickly reminded me of when one of my twins was in the NICU and was having a major apnea/bradycardia/desat spell and she was trying to yank me out of the room as I was screaming hysterically.  But, come on, was I really going to leave then???  I think she imagined that as me getting in the way but I was far from it.  I never got in the nurse's way....I just wasn't leaving my son.

Ok, back to happy daughter came through this with flying colors and is home doing great now.  I'm back to being a nurse rather than patient parent which is how I like it. :)  (though I'm still on medical leave until she gets cleared early next week so I'm liking that too)

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Anonymous said...

It's not 'normal' for patients or family to hit the silence button on the iv pumps? I've always done that, and I play with the volume (noise volume, not amount volume) on most of the in-room machines. But that's just me. :D

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